Skype Consultation with Kim Houston CCAB

Due to demand:

COVID-19: I am still offering these type of consultations throughout the UK and abroad

Skype Consultations are now being conducted for UK, and International clients. Over the past few years, CAT-astrophes have received a huge demand from clients overseas, who are seeking a Certified Feline Behaviourist, to help them solve their cats behaviour problems. Skype Consultations have proven very popular in the UK, and Kim now conducts consultations throughout Europe and America. Other locations are available on request.

We conduct Skype consultations seven days a week. Here at CAT-astrophes, we recognise peoples busy schedules, and as such, day and evening appointments are available.

When an Skype consultation has been arranged, a behaviour history form will be emailed to you. We ask that the form is completed and emailed back to our offices at least three days before your scheduled appointment. We also request that you include photographs and/or video clips of your cat, your cat’s feeding station, sleeping area, litter box, and if possible a clip of the problem behaviour. This is all very important information and will help in evaluating your cat’s behaviour problem.

The fee for an Skype consultation with Kim Houston CCAB is £190.00.  This fee includes the following:

  • A 1½ – 2 hour Skype consultation.
  • A comprehensive Behaviour Modification Plan, which is a step-by-step guide with how to move things forward with your cat/s
  • Six weeks follow up by email. This is keep a check that everything is going to plan, and answer any questions.
  • To liaise with your veterinary surgeon if required.

We will keep in close contact following the initial consultation and you will be asked to contact Kim each week by email or Skype to discuss progress.

To arrange an Skype consultation please send an email to  Once Kim receives the email, she will arrange a mutually convenient time for a consultation, and will then send out all the necessary documentation, including a questionnaire, veterinary referral form, and invoice for payment.  All consultations must be prepaid.

Please note: If you are a UK resident then Telephone Consultations and Home Visit Consultations are also available

Small Print!

CAT- astrophes does not issue refunds for missed appointments. If you need to change the date of your consultation, please provide 48 hours notice. Skype Consultations are pre-arranged and made by the client.

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