Kim’s Gang

Welcome to ‘Kim’s Gang’ Page!

I have had the greatest pleasure of owning some of the most wonderful animals over the years.  From very lively (and sometimes quite smelly!) dogs, to the most spirited of cats.  All the animals were so very different, but one thing that they did have in common – they all shared their wonderful hearts with me.  I have had the most amazing journey with my animals, sharing some lovely and very special times, but also endured some sad and difficult spells.  Throughout the good and the bad, these wonderful animals have always brought to biggest smile to my face and have loved me unconditionally.  

Please take a short while to take a look through my menagerie, past and present – I hope they bring a little smile to your face!


Meet our latest addition, Vera!!!!  Vera is a very cheeky and extremely lively little girl.  We rescued her when she was 12-weeks of age, and introduced her to the rest of our furry gang.  She settled in immediately, and is phased by absolutely nothing.  She is best friends with Ralph, and they can often be heard at the crack of dawn (!!!) chasing each other around the house.  She seems to have two switches – on or off!!  When she is awake, boy she is awake, and when she’s sleeping, nothing will wake her.  So lovely to see a kitten in the family again.  She has brought us so so many smiles and we are hoping that this continues for years to come.


Meet one of our very cheeky Persian, Ralph!!  This handsome little boy has it all …. looks, personality, and heaps of cheekiness!!!  He just loves everything that life has to offer, and there is never a dull moment with him in the house.  He loves being around the other cats and is like a shadow to both GiGi and Vera.  He is simply the life and soul of everything!


Meet the the very handsome and extremely gorgeous Brodie.  We were extremely lucky to adopt this lovely boy.  Sadly he was not coping too well in his previous home, and with a heavy heart the owners thought that he would fair much better here with our kitty family.  Initially Brodie was a little shy, but over the months this has all changed – he’s now such a chatty and friendly wee soul. He settled in immediately and he and Ralph have become partners in crime!    They are always up to fun and games …… and causing mischief!!


GiGi is a stunning six-year-old Russian Blue, beautiful both in looks and in nature.  She is such a fun little girl – one minute she will be racing around the place causing all kinds of mayhem, and then the next minute she will want to snuggle in to her humans, or to her buddies …. the other cats.  She has a wonderful relationship with both Ralph and Vera, and can often be seen snuggled up on the bed with the two of them! She is one of the cleverest and most intuitive cats that I’ve ever had the please to meet.  One thing is for sure, GiGi will always bring a smile to your face!


Here we have our gorgeous Grace.  She is a truly beautiful girl, and definitely the mother figure of the kitty family. Grace has the other kitties wrapped around her big furry paws.  Although she came into our kitty family relatively late, she certainly took charge from day one.  If Grace wants to sit in front of the log burner, then she will.  With her human family, she is the most adorable and cuddly girl that you could wish to meet.  We are extremely lucky to also have Grace’s brother Hewey, and they can often been seen grooming each other, and cuddling in by the log burner. 


Here we have Hewey, our handsome Persian.  He’s the loving brother to Grace.  When we first brought him home, he had not seen Grace for three years, but they soon rekindled their lovely relationship,  Hewey absolutely adores Grace and follows her everywhere.  He is a very big and solid boy, but with the softest heart.  He wants nothing more than to sit on your knee and have a big cuddles.  He’s such a lovely addition to our family.


Isa is a gorgeous Brown Speckled hen and certainly the diva of the chicken family! Isa is only a young wee hen but she has certainly made her presence known already!! She is the top hen and if she wants something she will get it. Isa will chase off anything that dare steps in ‘her’ garden. Despite her outbursts, she is a wonderful addition to the family.


Sheila is a White Sussex hen and definitely the princess of the chicken family ….. and boy does she know it. She spends her time preening herself in the sunshine, and basking on top of her coop. If anything enters the garden, she will watch on as Isa does all the work. I call that clever – so I guess she is the beauty and brains of the group.


Morag is a Grey Speckled hen who is neither top hen nor the Princess of the chicken family, but she is adorable nonetheless. She is a wee bit of a loner compared to the other two but will be affectionate in her own special way – what a sweetheart!

“Rainbow Bridge”

For those of you that have endured the heartache following the loss of a beloved pet, the thought of Rainbow Bridge might lighten some of those darker days.  I have sadly lost countless pets to old age and illness, and it never gets any easier. Rainbow Bridge is on this page not to make you sad, but to hopefully make you smile when remembering your fur baby that is sadly departed.  This is also a tribute to some of my beautiful, gorgeous, and spirited little un’s that are no longer here  ….. but will always be with me ……

Rainbow Bridge Poem


We sadly lost Harry when he was almost 16-years-old.  He had a long, but very brave battle with cancer.  Right through until the end, he retained his handsome good looks. Harry had it all really …. he was sweet and affectionate, with the most wonderful and loving nature. He was liked by everybody he met, including the five other cats in the family.  Harry was deaf as a post and suffering some mild dementia, which resulted in some very noisy night time chats!!  We would give anything back to hear his noisy commotion in the early hours.  Rest in peace handsome boy and run free at Rainbow Bridge with your sister Darcey X


Losing our beautiful Mavis was one of the most difficult things to experience.  She was cruely taken away from us at just one year of age – a time when she should have been running around, climbing curtains, and getting herself into a whole lot of mischief.  Although she was a poorly little girl from being a kitten, there was always hope that she would thrive, and grow into a healthy and strong cat.  Sadly this was not to be.  I had such a special bond with this little girl ….. her nickname being ‘Wee Mavis’.  She may have been wee in body, but boy she was enormous in spirit.  This girl had such a zest for life.  It still breaks my heart to remember how excited she looked when I walked through the door in the evening – a bond I’ve never experienced with any pet.  Your spirit, and your gorgeous heart, will remain within me forever xxx


We sadly lost our beloved Olivia in January 2016.  She became extremely poorly, suddenly and very unexpectedly, and was subsequently diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). Unfortunately this disease is usual incurable and fatal, and after such a brave and courageous fight, she passed away a week later at four years of age.  Olivia was such a spirited little girl from the first day we brought her home from rescue.  She made her presence known from the outset, and slept at my side every night from day one, until the day she was cruelly taken from us.  She was a huge part of our family, and one of the nicest (and most playful!) Persians that we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.  We are left totally heartbroken of the loss of this gorgeous girl.  RIP Olivia, run free and without pain at Rainbow Bridge.  You will be in our hearts forever X


08/12/2001 – 19/10/2016

Sadly we lost our little girl Darcey on 19th October 2016.  She had a short, but brave battle with cancer.  We had the pleasure of having her in our lives from the age of 8 weeks old.  She was the most loving and affectionate ever – she would do anything for a cuddle!  Despite being a super affectionate kitty, she was certainly top cat in the family home! She stood no nonsense and the other kitties respected her greatly.  Occasionally they would try to knock her from the top spot, but she was far too smart and assertive to let this happen ….. even in her final weeks with us!  We miss her everyday, and she will always have a huge place in our hearts.  RIP ‘Little One’ xxx


We very sadly lost our gorgeous Clicquot on 21st December 2015.  Clicquot was the most adorable little lady that we have ever had the pleasure to meet. Her early life was really very sad, having spent her early years in and out of rescue – she’s had six different homes through no fault of her own.  When we rescued her, I knew she had found her forever home, and she knew that she had landed on her little paws!  We have spent the past few years together, and I am sure she could tell you a tale or two!  Clicquot was the most spirited cat that I’ve ever met, and her determination to battle through adversity was heartwarming and admirable.  RIP gorgeous girl …. see you at Rainbow Bridge X


20/06/2002 – 04/09/2013

Here’s my gorgeous Gertie. We shared a wonderful 11 years together.  What a beautiful and spirited little girl.  My, she knew how to live life to the full!  We literally walked hundreds of miles together, and travelled the length and breadth of the UK on our adventures.  She had a great nose for … water (!) …. and could even find the muddiest puddle in the middle of a drought!  And swim …… she was amazing ….. just like a little otter.  I don’t think that one day ever passed where her tail didn’t stop wagging – it never stopped.  She brought the biggest smiles to my face and never failed to make me laugh.  Although she is no longer here, her spirit and zest for life remains in my heart forever.


Gucci was really one of a kind, and very handsome with it.  He had a miserable start to life and found himself in rescue at an early age ….. with the name of Dave!  He was totally matted, underfed, and looking miserable.  He certainly deserved a second chance!  So he was rescue, de-matted (well totally shaved), and renamed Gucci.  After all, such a handsome cat couldn’t go through life with the name of Dave! *nothing wrong with the name of Dave may I add, it just didn’t suit him*.  Initially he had some behaviour issues, but these were resolved, and he turned into a very happy and very chatty, handsome young man.


Lucky by name and Lucky by nature.  Lucky found herself in rescue through no fault of her own.  She was such a special and sweet little girl.  Initially she was the only cat in the house, until the other six turned up!  She was an older girl, and extremely wise with it.  She ruled the roost and wouldn’t take any nonsense from the rest of the gang.  She had the most sleekest fur and slender body, and was quite an athlete for her age.  I learn’t a lot from Lucky, and there was a huge void when she sadly went to Rainbow Bridge.


Pegasus will always have a huge place in my heart – what a cat!  Again, he did not have the best start to life, and was sadly left behind at the cattery by his owners.  I guess it was one of those questions ….. ‘what’s one more cat when you’ve already got 5’?!  So Pegasus joined the family and the rest is history!  He had a lot of behaviour issues, and was misunderstood by many.  With quite a lot of work (and patience!) he turned out to be a very loyal and loving young man.  I will never forget the day that he walked into the living room, jumped on the sofa, got on to my knee, and rested his chin on my chest; something which I thought he would never do.  He was a very special, handsome, and spirited cat.