International Clients

Remote Consultations with Kim Houston CCAB

Distance is no barrier, wherever you might be in the world. We welcome clients from any destination, no matter how near, or how far.

At CAT-astrophes we recognise that qualified Feline Behaviourists are very hard to find in some countries, but please do not let that be a barrier for you to not seek help. Kim has helped 100s of cats from all over the world to become happy and problem-free.

Over the years, remote consultations have become increasingly popular with our clients, especially for those clients that live abroad. CAT-astrophes offers a wide-range of remote consultations, such as Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, and FaceTime. So whatever your technological ability, we can hopefully find something suitable for you. Kim has conducted remote consultations for many years, with a great deal of success. Please see our testimonials page for some of our success stories.

At CAT-astrophes, we aim to make the consultation process as easy as possible in order to get a speedy resolution to your cat’s issues and get you and your feline friend back on track as quickly as possible. We recognise that people have very busy lives, and as such we conduct daytime, evening and weekend consultations in the hope to accommodate you.

How to Book a Remote Consultation

Please follow the following steps to booking a feline behaviour consultation:

  • If you think your cat has a behaviour problem please email Kim with a brief outline of your cat’s issues.
  • We will then schedule a date in the diary for your behaviour consultation
  • At this point, you will be sent an in-depth behaviour questionnaire to complete which will provide some important background information and will help in evaluating the cat’s behavioural issues in more depth prior to the consultation.
  • Kim will also require photos or videos of the cat’s environment, highlighting the cat’s key resources including feeding and water stations, litter trays, sleeping areas, etc. If possible, a video tour of the cat’s internal and external space, and of the problem behaviour/s would also be most useful.
  • Kim will also ask you to contact your vets directly and ask that you wish to be referred to CAT-astrophes for a behaviour consultation. We will provide you with a vet referral form by email for your vet to complete, or alternatively your vet can contact Kim directly. *Please see here for a veterinary referral form. It is important to consult your vet first to ensure that there are no medical issues that might be causing or contributing to your cat’s behaviour.

What's included in a consultation

The consultation includes:

  • Analysis of background information, medical history, and supporting documentation provided by the client
  • A 2-hour Skype consultation
  • An extensive and in-depth Behaviour Modification Plan to move things forward with your cat/s 
  • Liaison with your vet 
  • An invoice for your records 
  • Completed pet insurance claim form if necessary
  • Six weeks follow-up support via email

After your consultation

At the end of the consultation, a diagnosis is made and the motivation for the behaviour explained.

You will then be emailed a comprehensive Behaviour Modification Plan, normally within 2-3 days of the consultation, which you will be asked to follow. A copy of the report will be sent to your referring veterinary surgeon.

We will keep in close contact following the initial consultation and you will be asked to contact Kim each week by email to discuss progress.

    To arrange a remote consultation, please contact Kim or send an email to Once Kim receives the email, she will arrange a mutually convenient time for a consultation, and will then send out all the necessary documentation, including a questionnaire and veterinary referral form.

    Small Print!

    • All consultations must be pre-paid.
    • CAT- astrophes does not issue refunds for missed appointments.