‘Frenzy Feather Shimmer’ – Attachment for Frenzy wand


The Frenzy Feather Shimmer Refill – another fantastic Frenzy attachment for fun play time with your cat! – Fits Da Bird & Frenzy Cat wand Toys

The Frenzy Feather-Shimmer is a two flight feather attachment, that fits directly on to the Frnzy Wand. On average the shimmer strips ate 10cm long.

The way this superb attachment flys through the air is absolutely gorgeous! The shimmer strips are thrown outwards by the spin of the attachment and create a large sparkling, flashing, colour changing ball, you have to see it flying to believe it.

Gorgeous though these refills look flying, the best is yet to come. The sound they make is just phenomenal, the rustling of the shimmer strips coupled with the noise of the feathers combine to make these the best audio attractant cat toy we have ever come across… EVER!

Simply clip on to play!

Various Colours

Add a bit of variety to your Frenzy Wand with this fun attachment!

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