Frenzy Wild Hare Flump – Powermix Herb Flavour

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Frenzy Wild Hare Flump

Hare- raising fun! Your Furkid will be growling, shaking, attacking and slobbering with delight!

Real Wild Hare pillow with our Strong PowerMix of herbs inside. – Our Power Mix flavour – a special selection of 4 herbs which cats find most adore – Nepeta cataria (catnip), Nepeta mussini (catmint), Honeysuckle and Valerium officinalis (valerian) will have your cat go Ballistic!!

Each flump is between 7cm to 9cm square in size.

As small hares are a natural prey item for a cat you will find your cat goes crazy for these!

As this is a natural product colours will vary and include white, grey, brown, red brown in any combination.

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The Frenzy Hare Flump is made from 100% genuine Wild Hare fur. The fur is a by-product from free roaming Wild Hares living a natural outdoor life in Germany & Poland and are protected under EU Animal Welfare Wildlife Laws. Wild European Hares have protected seasons so availability of the toys are dependant on the amount of welfare conservation control needed.

The Wild Hare skins are very expensive as they have led natural free roaming life and have been culled humanely for habitat conservation control therefore preferable to the much cheaper alternative, (which we are not prepared to use), of rabbit skins which originate from intensive caged rearing farms or the unthinkable alternative of China!.

1 review for Frenzy Wild Hare Flump – Powermix Herb Flavour

  1. Raewyn Irvine

    My boys love this! The smell is quite potent to the human nose to begin with, but the cats were delighted with it throwing it in the air, pouncing on it and washing it!

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